Functional Maths L2 Measures - multiple choice worksheet

21 very useful multiple choice, topic-based Functional Maths questions.
Covers reading scales, time, money (profit and loss), area, negative numbers,
Ideal for assessment or revision.

Editor’s note
No answer sheet.
Most questions are Level 2 but a few are lower.
This is just one of a set of 10 worksheets.

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The cost per unit is 7p = £0.07
The bulb runs for 50  hours for 1 unit so costs £0.07 for 50 hours.
The bulb lasts for 5000 hours and the question asks how much it would cost for 5000 hours so only 1 bulb would need to be purchased.
Therefore for 5000 hours you would divide 5000 by 50 which is 100, in fact 100 units.
The cost for 100 units is 100x£0.07 = £7.  Add to this the cost of just 1 bulb which is £2.50
The total cost is therefor £7 + £2.50 = £9.50.  This was option B so no problem with the options provided.

Above you have calculated 5000 units which if unit lasts 50 hours would run the bulb for 250, 000 hours which if left on for 10 hours a day would last for 25,000 days or 68.5 years!!