Freda's Tea Stall: writing about charts, a group activity

The main resource has four pages. Three of the pages contain a chart and a brief to a group of students to discuss and write some sentences saying what the chart tells them. The twist is that each group of 3 students has a different chart drawn from the same data as the groups next to them. The fourth page has the table from which the charts were drawn.

The charts used are: dual/clustered bar chart comparing types of drink sold on two days. A stacked/composite bar chart and a percentage bar chart of the same data.

The context (drinks sold at a tea stall in a local market, simulated data) was chosen to be comprehensible by students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Can be used at L1, L2 Functional Skills Maths and for GCSE Foundation Maths depending on the response you coach from the students.

Editor’s note
With Functional Maths mapping. For a very useful evaluation of this resource (which also provides teaching ideas) visit this external links page.

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