Fingers multiplication method for x6, x7, x8, x9

Step by step method for using this very clever, little-known method of working out those tricky times tables from 6 to 9. (The method relies on the user knowing his or her “easier times tables” well so is not suitable for the complete times-tables novice. Very clear slides with lots of illustrated examples.
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My daughter introduced me to this method when she was studying for her PGCE.

I have been using it ever since with my level1&2 numeracy classes. It does not suit all but most students find it useful. It is amusing to watch them wriggling their fingers under the tables when they are taking their tests. One of our invigilators thought they were doing something illegal.

If students find it difficult to learn, get them to teach someone else – it works! I wish we had all been taught this method at school.

David Walker (not verified)

Thu, 2011-06-09 14:12

I’ve been teaching both students and staff this method for many a year after being shown it by a dyslexia teacher and I think it’s great.

Plenty of my learners, even at L2, are often seen finger waving in lessons and in exams and I’ve even used it in an OFSTED lesson much to the delight of the inspector.

The only difference is I use the thumbs as 6 and pinkies as 10 and we start off with our hands in a position that looks like you are at a 90s rave!