Easter Eggs Functional Maths investigations

Two differentiated investigations: one aimed at E3 learners, the other at L1.
Each covers a wide range of skills – including measures, bar charts, sell by dates, shapes and money. The L1 version includes a ‘best-buy’ section and fractions.
Adapted from previous Skillsworkshop resources including Easter Numeracy (Carrie Bray 2010) and Easter Eggs – Value for money? (Judith White, 2012). These can be found under “See also” below.
Tutor warning
You will need to buy at least 5 different Easter eggs for this investigation – but the students do not necessarily (!) have to eat the eggs. You will also need to keep your till receipt for the eggs

Physical format
1 x 3 page PDf, 1 x 4 page PDF
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