Decimal place value charts

Major update - October 2021. 

A practical and easy way to introduce decimals from Entry Level 2 (1 decimal place) onwards. Written in 2001, I have now updated the Functional Skills mapping and removed the old Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum references. Two new gap-fill charts for E2-E3 and L1-L2 , and a range of new blank charts for whole numbers and decimals of all sizes!  Also useful for:

  • demonstrating multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100, etc.
  • converting metric units
  • rounding and ordering decimals
  • a general understanding of exactly what a decimal is! 

A Skillsworkshop Maths Classic. This resource has had a major update and is now mapped to the Reformed Functional Skills Maths content.  The answer sheet and Functional Skills mapping is now in a separate document.

Physical format
8 pages plus 2 page answer / Functional Skills mapping document