Converting measures triangular jigsaw

16 piece jigsaw that makes a great ice breaker. First used with older learners who were unused to metric measures, and a younger learner who was unused to imperial. Match metric measure descriptions or quantities with their imperial equivalents to solve the puzzle and complete the triangle. Although converting between systems is only covered at level 2 of the curriculum the creator, Andrea, reports that E3/L1 students cope with this very well, as their life experiences help them. Andrea suggests that as the print is quite small on the standard sized puzzle, tutors might find it helpful to print out the larger version of the puzzle (select Output – large).

All Tarsia jigsaws can also be printed out as flashcards / dominoes.
You will need Tarsia Formulator in order to use this resource. See our Good Software – Tarsia Formulator entry for more information about this excellent free educational tool from Hermitech.

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Tarsia fjsw file - 16 pieces