Complex sentences - Easter themed

Based on Maggie Harnew's Halloween Complex Sentences resource, this resource is aimed at Entry 3 ESOL students working towards the City and Guilds ESOL writing assessment, but may also be useful for Level 1 students.  Students look at examples of complex sentences and answer some questions about them. Finally they are asked to complete some complex sentences, as in Task 1 of the C&G assessment. 

The example sentences are themed around Easter and related celebrations, following a reading lesson on this topic. 

Editor's notes

I love it when contributors recycle existing resources :) Very clear and beautifully presented. Although written for ESOL makes a great underpinning resource for Functional English. Love the mentions of Ramadan, Eid, pancakes and Rapa Nui too!

Physical format
PDF. Two sides of A4 - examples on one side, questions on the other.