Capital letter (proper noun) dominoes - version 2

A wonderful kinaesthetic card matching game designed to help learners remember when to use capital letters.

This version was kindly adapted and updated by Emma Gentili to make it more suitable for today’s college learners. 

The game comprises 52 picture cards (26 proper nouns, 26 common nouns) and 26 double ended upper-lowercase dominoes. It not only reinforces knowledge of capital letters but also is a good speaking and listening activity. Learners often debate what or who the picture is and where it needs to go.

Originally designed it to be used with E2E learners, but since used successfully as an icebreaker with level 2 NVQ students and with Entry Level students with learning difficulties.

The 2011 version (which also has a related PPT resource) is still available on skillsworkshop at:

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