Bath & West Show

This is a practical handling data task at L1 and L2 which uses the Internet to find the necesssary data in order to complete a Expenses claim form.

I work with Landbased students most of whom visit an exhibition at the Bath & West show ground. In this task they have to work out how much it will cost them to travel to the site and how much the entry fee is, then enter this information onto a expenses claim form as if they were submitting it to an employed to reclaim their costs.

For L2 students they need to find the actual cost of the fuel they use for the journey.

An extra activity is to choose several items necessary for their vocation eg PPE then search the internet to compare prices for these and create a table to displaythis information.

The show ground site could be changed for students living in other parts of the country.

Editor’s note
Covers data handling, money, times and measures.

Physical format
11 slide PPT, 3 page PDF