A Day in The Life of Jane E2-E3 ESOL text types

Created for ESOL Reading E2-3, but also useful for E3 Functional English. This is a multifaceted resource that includes a range of text types all based on the same story.  It was made because learners struggled identifying types of text.  In this resource the documents are all based on a single topic - Jane. 

The first introductory text (A) is in non-chronological order and learners must work together to place the paragraphs in order. They then identify the adverbs of time, noting sequencing and other ordering indicators e.g. tomorrow, afterwards. The text may be cut up (B) or used whole.  There is a slightly more complex version for E3 (D/E).

This resource includes a basic story (differentiated), an email, a letter, a form, and article and more. They can be used in any way the teacher sees fit but here is how I used them.

First we used the non-chronological text, reading it as a group with each learner reading a single paragraph (interesting in itself as many did not know what a paragraph was). 

Next, we looked at the passage with subheadings (C) and discussed how they make the text easier to read, locate information etc.

Then the  letter (F), email (G),  article (H),  ,etc.  Each time the teacher points out to learners that it is the SAME story but presented and formatted differently.

There is also a set of general comprehension questions (I) with a separate answer sheet (J). 

Editor's notes

How this resource is used is limited only by the teacher's imagination! Note that the college application form (K) does not include the 'Jane text' but, as an extra challenge, learners could complete the 'Hobbies and interests' and the 'Personal Statement' sections using what they have learned from the other Jane texts.

Physical format
11 x 1 page PDF files