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Changed on 5 April 2011

Dear fellow Skills Workshop contributors and site users,

Changed on 1 April 2011

The popular download statistics have not yet been reinstated but here’s a snapshot of some of last month’s most popular downloads.

Changed on 15 March 2011


I’ve been teaching since 2002 and have accessed your site regularly pretty much since day one…

…and never contributed a resource or offered a single word of thanks.

So I thought I’d drop you a line to redress at least one of these failings. THANK YOU. Many, many times. Because your site has dug me out of a hole on a significant number of occasions. All the SfL teachers I know and meet (and I meet a lot) would say the same.

Wishing you a successful and fulfilling 2011

Tony Green

Changed on 15 March 2011

What a wonderful new web site!

The idea and content of Skills Workshop has been an inspiration and godsend.
Now it has got even better with a lovely clean fresh design and some ideas that are wonderful – the ‘more like this’ is really helpful.
So for Maggie, and all those involved in the new site, congratulations and good luck.
For all of us users let’s make it even richer by making a contribution.

George Wormald

Changed on 15 March 2011

The new site

The new site is amazing. It took me a while to navigate but, as soon as I found the right buttons to click, I was really impressed by the speed, clarity and suggested links. On the old site I had to trawl through a load of resources which were not appropriate for either the subject I was researching, or the level of teaching.

Yes, it is different from the brightly coloured old site, but so clean and fresh and you can search for a particular subject and level very easily.

Linda Hoole

Changed on 14 March 2011

Linda Hoole’s Readwell Road adult reading scheme books have been a great hit since they first appeared on skillsworkshop last year. Site contributor Linda has now gone on and independently published the complete set of 48 books.

Changed on 9 March 2011

Since 1983, the second Wednesday of March has been assigned as No Smoking Day.

Changed on 8 March 2011

Resources are so much easier to find...

Hi Maggie,

I just wanted to say how much I like the new Skillworkshop site. Resources are so much easier to find with the clear, coloured tabs at the top of the home page and the drop-down choices under each section – I can find my way to the section I want so much faster than on the old site. The ‘more like this’ and ‘see also’ options are a real help.

The money you won from your well-deserved award has been put to really good use!

Thanks again for all the resources I’ve downloaded over the years.

Judith White

Changed on 24 February 2011

The new Skills Workshop website went live today at just past 4pm.

Many thanks to all those who helped with testing the site before it went live, and congratulations to Maggie for getting though the mammoth task of checking all the links and resources.

Changed on 21 February 2011

I have now checked all the auto-imported external links from the old Useful Links page. All 250+ links have been checked and many have been re-catalogued. The main categories covered are: