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Sorry, we don’t have a Thunder Snow resource (yet).
However, for snow related resources simply type snow into any search box or follow this search tag to find the following:

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Independent living skills

I teach intellectually disabled learners, ages 16-21, in the Buffalo, New York Public School. This is my 30th year of teaching. Skillsworkshop is an excellent web site for my classes.

Rose McKeller

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Thanks a lot!

I am currently teaching English in Romania and was lucky enough to discover your website.

Thanks a lot!! These are some of the most interesting and creative ways of teaching I have come across.

Akshay Singh

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Helpful construction resources

I am applying for a tutor role and have found the skills workshop to be excellent as I prepare my lesson plan for presentation at my interview.

Coded construction maths, Tools used in construction carpentry, and Decorating have been particularly helpful.

Brian Cassidy

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Beauty Therapy

Fantastic resources!

I’m a student teacher and found this very useful for incorporating math and English into my lesson plans.

Thank you!

Lisa Jones, California, US.

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Thank you

Dear Ms Harnew.

I am a very inexperienced ESOL teacher in my first year of teaching Skills for Life ESOL to adults at Pre Entry and Entry 1 level. My teaching brief includes designing my lessons around the curriculum, which was really daunting.

I am writing to say how much I rely on skillsworkshop and how useful I find your worksheets and ppts.

It really is a huge thank you as I can’t afford subscriptions to sites such as onestopenglish and I rely very heavily on finding an activity to support the curriculum on skillsworkshop.

Jay Hall

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Mathematics skills

I find the site very useful for teaching my kids functional maths skills.

Samuel Awolola, London

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ICT, Literacy, Numeracy, Pre entry

The Skills Workshop site is one of the most useful and excellent resources I have come across when planning my teaching. The resources in literacy, numeracy and ICT are invaluable when planning teaching sessions.

With such a variety of ideas at different levels, especially for working with adults with learning difficulties, the activities provide exciting activities which can easily be differentiated within a mixed ability group.

Thank you for such a great resource.

Sara Powell, Preparation for Life and Work, NPTC Group, Wales.

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Recently, I have received dozens of messages about the future of skillsworkshop. These have varied from concerned enquiries to rather rude demands for more resources!

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Thank you for a really resourceful site

Thanks for a great website with resources that give super ideas for motivating FS [Functional Skills] students.

Janice Finnis, Brockenhurst College