pre-Entry SLc/M7.1 Communicate ideas, choices, events referring to past, present, future

Pre-Entry Literacy > Speaking and Listening > Speak (or use other means) to communicate > SLc/M7.1

(a) ideas
b) choices
c) events and experiences

making references to
i) past
ii) present
iii) future 

Source: Adult pre-entry curriculum framework for Literacy and Numeracy (DfES, 2002)

5 hand drawn storyboards – shopping, holidays, swimming, getting-up and a bank robbery! Pictures can be cut up, muddled and re-sequenced; simple sentences written out to match with pictures; sentences written in the present to be changed to past tense (ESOL); write sentences then join with conjunctions e.g. then, next; or simply as prompts for conversation and discussion.

Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
pre-Entry SLlr/M8.2 Listen to & answer simple questions about personal details/experiences/events & narratives
pre-Entry SLlr/M8.4 Listen to and follow simple and brief narratives
pre-Entry SLc/M7.1 Communicate ideas, choices, events referring to past, present, future
pre-Entry SLc/M7.2 Use conjunctions inc. 'and' & 'but' to link ideas & add new detail
pre-Entry SLc/M8.1 Use key words, signs, symbols when communicating about own experiences, and to recount a narrative
pre-Entry Rti/M7.1 Demonstrate an interest in the activity of reading
pre-Entry Rtc/M8.3 When working with texts communicate about persons, characters, events, objects
pre-Entry Wt/M8.1 Understand that words/signs/symbols/images convey information
ESOL Ws/E1.1a Construct a simple sentence, using basic word order & verb form
ESOL Ws/E2.1a Construct simple and compound sentences
ESOL Wt/E1.1a Compose very simple text to communicate ideas or basic information
ESOL Wt/E2.1a Compose simple text, selecting appropriate format for the genre and purpose