pre-Entry SLc/M6.1 Use phrases of up to 3 key words/signs to communicate simple ideas

Pre-Entry Literacy > Speaking and Listening > Speak (or use other means) to communicate > SLc/M6.1

Use phrases with up to three key
a) words
b) signs
c) symbols
to communicate
a) simple ideas b) choices c) events.

Sample learning activities
• Encourage learners to communicate choices in naturally occurring practical
situations, such as what item they would like to buy with their money, where they
would like to sit, etc.
• Repeat the vocabulary of words, signs or symbols consistently. The target
vocabulary should consist of those that the learner often comes across and
which interest the learner. Focus on a few words, signs or symbols at a time and
build a range of activities around them for maximum practice.
Some computer software combines words, images, symbols and signs within the
program as a means of linking them.

Source: Adult pre-entry curriculum framework for Literacy and Numeracy (DfES, 2002)

Four straightforward worksheets for M6-M8 – based on everyday objects beginning with the sounds of a e m r s or t.
4 worksheets plus curriculum mapping.

pre-Entry SLc/M6.1 Use phrases of up to 3 key words/signs to communicate simple ideas
pre-Entry Rw/M6.1 Match familiar objects to words, signs, symbols, images
pre-Entry Rw/M6.2 Recognise & read up to 5 personal words, signs, symbols
pre-Entry Rw/M7.1 Recognise most letters of the alphabet on any given occasion.
pre-Entry Rw/M7.3 Recognise & select up to ten personal words, signs, symbols
pre-Entry M8.1 Understand that print conveys meaning
pre-Entry Rtc/M8.2 Understand & use conventions of reading: follow left to right, etc.
pre-Entry Rtc/M8.3 When working with texts communicate about persons, characters, events, objects

For improving visual figure-ground skills, expressive language development, matching and counting symbols.

pre-Entry SLlr/M6.1 Respond to familiar people demonstrating understanding of simple questions
pre-Entry SLlr/M7.2 Listen to simple questions on familiar topics & give simple responses
pre-Entry SLlr/M8.2 Listen to & answer simple questions about personal details/experiences/events & narratives
pre-Entry SLc/M6.1 Use phrases of up to 3 key words/signs to communicate simple ideas
pre-Entry SLc/M7.5 Make simple statements about simple and personal matters
pre-Entry SLc/M8.1 Use key words, signs, symbols when communicating about own experiences, and to recount a narrative
pre-Entry Rtc/M6.2 Find & name key images, characters, events
pre-Entry Rtc/M7.1 Distinguish between print, text, symbols, images
pre-Entry N1/M6.3 Count reliably up to 3 objects & with inconsistencies up to 5e objects
pre-Entry N1/M6.4 Recognise numerals 1 to 3, & with some inconsistencies 1 to 5
pre-Entry N1/M7.4 Relate numbers to collections of objects to three, & with support up to five
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