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A counting game along similar lines to Snakes and Ladders. Learners will learn turn-taking, following instruction & basic counting skills. In addition, they will pick up social and communication skills along the way.

(Print onto A3 – a dice and counters needed)

Editor’s note
A PPT version is also included to enable the game to be played on a smartboard.

Entry Level 1
AN N1/E1.1 Count reliably up to 10 items
Functional Maths - numbers and the number system
pre-Entry SLlr/M8.3 Listen to and answer simple single step instructions / requests
pre-Entry N1/M8.1 Join in rote counting to 10
Independent living

For improving visual figure-ground skills, expressive language development, matching and counting symbols.

pre-Entry SLlr/M6.1 Respond to familiar people demonstrating understanding of simple questions
pre-Entry SLlr/M7.2 Listen to simple questions on familiar topics & give simple responses
pre-Entry SLlr/M8.2 Listen to & answer simple questions about personal details/experiences/events & narratives
pre-Entry SLc/M6.1 Use phrases of up to 3 key words/signs to communicate simple ideas
pre-Entry SLc/M7.5 Make simple statements about simple and personal matters
pre-Entry SLc/M8.1 Use key words, signs, symbols when communicating about own experiences, and to recount a narrative
pre-Entry Rtc/M6.2 Find & name key images, characters, events
pre-Entry Rtc/M7.1 Distinguish between print, text, symbols, images
pre-Entry N1/M6.3 Count reliably up to 3 objects & with inconsistencies up to 5e objects
pre-Entry N1/M6.4 Recognise numerals 1 to 3, & with some inconsistencies 1 to 5
pre-Entry N1/M7.4 Relate numbers to collections of objects to three, & with support up to five
Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond