I have now checked all the auto-imported external links from the old Useful Links page. All 250+ links have been checked and many have been re-catalogued. The main categories covered are:

I’ve added a table listing recent comments added about resources and external links.

You can find the list from the “Recent changes” menu item, then by clicking on the “Comments” button. The page URL is /recent/comments

I have now checked and correctly catalogued all 1250 resources on this site. These are resources dating from April 2001 to July 2010.

If you select an MSS1 or MSS2 curriculum element and click on it, the full description of the element will be given at the top of the search list.

There was a problem with the search filter blocks, which was preventing most of the categories from displaying filters to help narrow down searches.

I’ve fixed this, and changed the look of the filter boxes so they stand out a bit better.