Click on any literacy element and the full details will now appear at the top of the search page. E.g. if you click on Rt/L2.4 you will see this description.

This mammoth task has now been completed. Now, if you select an N1 (whole numbers), N2 (fractions, decimals & percentages) or HD (data handling) curriculum element and click on it, the full description of the element will be given at the top of the search results list.

Thanks to Christine Robinson and Leia Fee, we have two very popular Wimbledon resources, one for literacy and one for numeracy. Follow our Wimbledon tag to find them.

I’ve now introduced a new, improved Functional English help sheet.

I’ve just introduced a new improved mapping / tips document. This will be customised and then appended to each new Functional Maths resource that is published on the site. Click the picture to see a preview.