Volunteers wanted to update Wimbledon resources

Thanks to Christine Robinson and Leia Fee, we have two very popular Wimbledon resources, one for literacy and one for numeracy. Follow our Wimbledon tag to find them.

Both these resources require annual updates. Chris’s cannot be updated until tomorrow when the seeds are announced. Leia’s needs last year’s champions to be added to the data tables. All this information is (or will be) available on the Wimbledon site, although you’ll need to hunt around a bit to find the lengths of time of the matches.

I am really busy working my way through the backlog of resources that built up whilst the site was being redeveloped (30+ resources added in the past 2 weeks and several hundred more to go!) and have no time to do this. If you would like to volunteer please contact me for editable Word versions of the resources. Because more and more students are using skillsworkshop for self-study it would also be very nice to have answer sheets for both resources.

Thanks in anticipation