New style Functional Maths process skills mapping and tips sheet

I’ve just introduced a new improved mapping / tips document. This will be customised and then appended to each new Functional Maths resource that is published on the site. Click the picture to see a preview. It’s aimed at tutors who are trying to get their heads around teaching Functional Maths and want help with developing their learners’ process skills.

The key point about Functional Maths is that it is the three process skills (representing, analysing and interpreting) that are assessed. The specific maths skills such as “add up 2 digit numbers”, “know the properties 2D shapes”, are not assessed (although these will also be included on a separate sheet in our new style mapping document).

The first resource to receive this new treatment is Ruth Read’s E2-E3 Functional Maths revision resource – Make a Cake – published this morning.

If you have further ideas on how I can improve the Functional Maths mapping please leave a comment under this News item.