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A PowerPoint set of L1-L2 reading, maths and writing tasks. All are based on information a recent Home Office fact sheet about Prevent and Channel*. The fact sheet can be found online or downloaded from this page. Main Functional Maths coverage is reading and comparing whole numbers and percentages, and percentage-fraction equivalents. Some questions involve calculating percentages or checking the figures that are quoted in the text (Level 2).

Editor's notes

FE L1.9 Identify and understand the main points, ideas and details in texts
FE L1.17 Read and understand a range of specialist words in context
FE L1.24 Use format, structure and language appropriate for audience and purpose
FE L1.23 Write text of an appropriate level of detail and of appropriate length (including where this is specified) to meet the needs of purpose and audience
FE L2.11 Identify the different situations when the main points are sufficient and when it is important to have specific details
FE L2.16 Understand organisational features and use them to locate relevant information in a range of straightforward and complex sources
FE L2.24 Write text of an appropriate level of detail and of appropriate length (including where this is specified) to meet the needs of purpose and audience
FE L2.25 Organise writing for different purposes using appropriate format and structure (e.g. standard templates, paragraphs, bullet points, tables)
FE L2.27 Use different language and register (e.g. persuasive techniques, supporting evidence, specialist words), suited to audience and purpose
FM L1.1 Read, write, order and compare large numbers (up to one million)
FM L1.8 Read, write, order and compare common fractions and mixed numbers
FM L1.13 Read, write, order and compare percentages in whole numbers
FM L1.14 Calculate percentages of quantities, including simple percentage increases and decreases by 5% and multiples thereof
FM L1.16 Recognise and calculate equivalences between common fractions, percentages and decimals
FM L2.4 Identify and know the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages
FM L2.6 Calculate percentage change (any size increase and decrease), and original value after percentage change
Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond
Health and safety
News, Politics & Government items

An L1-2 investigation that covers direct proportion (best buy), and rounding / calculating with money /decimals. Two options are included: students can either research Easter egg and chocolate prices on internet shopping sites or use those given. In both cases they must investigate the cost per 100g chocolate and work out the best buy. Final extension work includes consideration of ‘buy one get one free’ and ‘two for £…’ offers.

Editor’s note. New update for 2016 – based on supermarket prices in February 2016

General literacy / English
AN N2/L1.7
AN N2/L1.6
AN N2/L1.5 Calculate with decimals up to 2dp
AN MSS1/L1.1 Add, subtract, multiply & divide sums of money and record
AN N1/L2.3
Functional Maths - numbers and the number system
Functional Maths - measures, shape & space
Retail Hospitality Customer service