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This is a handout for Functional Skills L1/L2 which talks about formulas, substitution and BODMAS (BIDMAS).

“Editor’s note*
It includes worked examples from past papers and useful tips and hints. Fully mapped to L2 FM and GCSE Maths 1-5

Level 2
FM Contextualised underpinning
FM L1.7 Follow the order of precedence of operators
FM L2.3 Evaluate expressions and make substitutions in given formulae in words and symbols
L2.12 Follow the order of precedence of operators, including indices
GCSE A1 (Algebraic notation)
GCSE A2 (Substitution)
GCSE A3 (Algebraic concepts & vocabulary)
GCSE A4 (Simplify & manipulate algebraic expressions)
GCSE A5 (Use & rearrange formulae)
AN N1/L2.4
Exam tips and help