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A 26 page booklet that thoroughly covers reading and writing numbers as words. The repetition and variety of practice methods (handwriting; matching; look, say, cover, write, check; word searches, etc.) provide ideal practice for preEntry and higher level dyslexic learners in both literacy and numeracy classes.

Note: Sept 2011 – picture added and curriculum mapping improved.

Entry Level 1
AL Ww/E1.2
AL Rw/E1.1 Have limited, meaningful sight vocabulary of words, signs, symbols
AN N1/E1.2 Read & write numbers up to 10 inc. zero
pre-Entry Rw/M8.3 Recognise & read a growing no. of words signs symbols
pre-Entry Ww/M8.1 Write with appropriate grip making many controlled letter shapes & using a conventional sequence of letters
Dyslexia support