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A Simple and straightforward 16 piece jigsaw that makes a great group activity. Cardinal and ordinal numbers are matched with number words to form a triangle. This puzzle constructs sequentially, i.e. the word ‘one’ is at the triangle’s apex, matching with 1, then two, underneath it and so on up to 10 in cardinals and 8th in ordinals (this makes it a lot easier for preEntry learners to see how the triangle is constructed).

Entry Level 1
AN N1/E1.2 Read & write numbers up to 10 inc. zero
AN N1/E1.3 Order & compare numbers up to 10 inc. zero
pre-Entry N1/M6.4 Recognise numerals 1 to 3, & with some inconsistencies 1 to 5
pre-Entry N1/M7.3 Identify and use numerals from 1 to 5
pre-Entry N1/M7.7 Use ordinal numbers 'first' & 'second'
pre-Entry N1/M8.5 recognise, use, record & know value of numerals 0-10
pre-Entry N1/M8.9 Use ordinal numbers, from 'first' to 'fifth'