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Reformed Functional English assessments include group discussion at all levels beyond Entry 1.  This useful, 3 page planner can be used (with varying amounts of teacher support) from E2 to L2. Covers everything from choosing a topic, jotting down initial ideas, and making extended contributions. Also describes the different roles withing a discussion and useful phrases for each role.

With detailed Functional English mapping.   

E2.6 Make appropriate contributions to simple group discussions with others about a straightforward topic
E3.6 Make relevant contributions to group discussions about straightforward topics
E3.7 Listen to and respond appropriately to other points of view, respecting conventions of turn-taking
L1.7 Use appropriate phrases, registers and adapt contributions to take account of audience, purpose and medium
L1.8 Respect the turn-taking rights of others during discussions, using appropriate language for interjection
L2.8 Make relevant and constructive contributions to move discussion forward
L2.10 Interject and redirect discussion using appropriate language and register
ESOL Engage in discussion