ESOL Rt/L2.5a

Read critically to evaluate information, and compare information, ideas and opinions from different sources
(i) Understand that selection and presentation of information reflect the interests of the author(s) of a text
(ii) Understand that information on the same topic from different sources may have different or even contradictory emphases, and notice instances of this, e.g. the way news may be reported in different papers
(iii) Be aware of the concept of bias, and that it can be implicit in what is left out of a text, as well as what is there
(iv) Be aware of how language is used to create different effects, .e.g. descriptive language, metaphor, connotation, formal register, imagery in poetry

An excellent series of activities (help sheet, sample text, card match game & teaching notes) covering this difficult topic. First used in a Level 2 ESOL reading class but also ideal for Literacy.

ESOL Rt/L2.2a
ESOL Rt/L2.5a