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Update 24/2/22: written by Sharon Roberts and Alexandra Bates, both of Essex ACL. 
This is a fun activity which encourages ESOL learners to engage with digital technology and transacting online. It provides opportunity to explore vocabulary related to shopping while also discussing the advantages of shopping for food online. It can be adapted to all levels and can be extended for a longer activity if required.

Editor's note

Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
FE E1.8 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 1
FE E2.7 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 2
FE E2.12 Use illustrations, images & captions to locate information
FE E3.8 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 3
FE E3.12 Understand organisational features & use them to locate relevant information
ESOL Rw/E1.1a Recognise a limited number of words, signs and symbols
ESOL Rw/E1.2a Use basic sound-letter correspondence to sound out words
ESOL Rw/E2.2a Recognise a range of familiar words
ESOL Rw/E2.3a Use context & range of phonic / graphic knowledge to decode words
ESOL Rw/E3.1a Recognise and understand relevant specialist key words
ESOL Rw/E3.5a Use variety of reading strategies to read/understand unfamiliar words
ESOL Rt/E2.4a Obtain information from illustrations, maps, diagrams and captions
ESOL Rt/E3.3a Identify the key organisational features of instructional texts
ESOL Rt/E3.5a Locate organisational features, such as contents, index, menus
Functional Skills ICT: Using ICT
Functional Skills ICT: Finding and selecting information
Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond
Independent living
Catering Food Nutrition
Retail Hospitality Customer service

Set of reading comprehension and computer-based research/writing task based on a set of instructions for making your own terrarium from a drinks bottle. Written for, and fully mapped to, Entry 2 Functional English and ICT, but could also be used for E1 and E3 learners.

Entry Level 2
Functional English - writing
AL Ws/E2.2 Use Adjectives
AL Rt/E2.1 Follow main points of short texts
Functional English reading
Functional ICT
Gardening & Horticulture

A wonderfully detailed plan for 3 × 2 hours sessions for computer beginners. It is also mapped to the literacy curriculum – making it ideal for embedded learning and Entry Functional ICT. Includes scheme of work, session plans, feedback/evaluation forms and 7 resource sheets.
ICT covers creating, opening, printing a document; formatting, printing, copying, proof reading. Mapped to Entry 2 and 3 speaking & listening, and writing (including several exercises on conjunctions and compound sentences).

Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
AL Wt/E3.1 Plan & draft writing
Functional ICT
Entry 3 ICT
Business & Money management