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This is a set of worksheets in a MS Excel workbook that deals with fractions.
- Sheet one: a set of pictures (pie charts) that shows fractions from halves to tenths
- Sheet two: equivalent fractions with two pie charts, learners can input fractions and see if they are equivalent by looking at the shape of the pie charts
- Sheet three: starting to look at fractions being equivalent to decimals with two pie charts one for fractions and one for decimals

Level 2
Level 1
Adult Numeracy N2/L2.2
Adult Numeracy N2/L1.3
GCSE N10 (Work interchangeably with terminating decimals & their corresponding fractions)
Functional Maths - numbers and the number system
Functional Skills ICT: Using ICT

A recap exercise where Functional English learners match the correct aspects of formal letter writing together and lay them out in letter format.

This could be printed out and laminated but I usually give my students a printout of the first pages and they cut out the text boxes and arrange them appropriately. I have included some red herrings such as incorrect text alignment and unsuitable salutations and closures.

I have included my suggestion of the correct layout on the third page.

Level 2
Level 1
Functional English - writing
Functional English reading
General literacy / English
Functional Skills ICT: Developing, presenting and communicating information
Retail Hospitality Customer service