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A recap exercise where Functional English learners match the correct aspects of formal letter writing together and lay them out in letter format.

This could be printed out and laminated but I usually give my students a printout of the first pages and they cut out the text boxes and arrange them appropriately. I have included some red herrings such as incorrect text alignment and unsuitable salutations and closures.

I have included my suggestion of the correct layout on the third page.

Level 2
Level 1
Functional English - writing
Functional English reading
General literacy / English
Functional Skills ICT: Developing, presenting and communicating information
Retail Hospitality Customer service

Set of two resources
PowerPoint Straightforward but very useful introduction to computers for preEntry and Entry 1 students. Ideal to use before playing the accompanying bingo game.
Bingo Eight different boards. Call out the name of the part (or write on the class whiteboard for a literacy group). First to complete a line wins (use counters to cover, or laminate and cross off with a dry wipe pen).

Entry Level 1
pre-Entry General
Entry 1 and 2 ICT
Business & Money management