Are there similar reference criteria for Functional Skills?

The original 2011 Functional Skills (FS) criteria, now known as Legacy FS, are not as narrowly defined as the adult literacy and numeracy curricula. They cover the same levels (i.e. E1 E2 E3 L1 L2) but the coverage and range (C&R) statements are very broad and are not labelled/numbered – except for those in the Functional Skills ICT criteria.

For this reason we do not categorise Legacy FS resources by individual C&R statements but by broad categories such as: Functional Maths – measures, Functional Maths – data handling, Functional English – writing, Functional ICT – Finding and selecting Information, etc.

However, in 2018 the reformed Functional Skills content was published. This detailed content consists of numbered descriptors and will take effect from Sept 1st 2019. Since summer 2018 all new skillsworkshop resources will be mapped to these new content descriptors. Eventually, all skillsworkshop maths and English resources will be remapped but with 2000+ resources this will be a gradual process! 

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