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A set of Entry 1 and Entry 2 English tasks that focus on two short texts about the alphabetical list of winter storm names released by the Met Office. The first Functional English resource I have written based on the revised Functional Skills English content (2018) which will be used by awarding organisations from September 2019 [1]. 

Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
FE E1.1 Say the names of the letters of the alphabet
FE E1.10 Understand a short piece of text on a simple subject
FE E2.8 Understand the main points in texts
FE E2.9 Understand organisational markers in short, straightforward texts
FE 1.14 Write letters of alphabet in sequence & in upper / lower case
FE E2.15 Use 1st & 2nd letters to sequence words alphabetically
FE E1.15 Spell correctly words designated for Entry Level 1
FE E2.16 Spell correctly words designated for Entry Level 2
Staff development
Science, Nature & Weather

This resource has a range of activities to help students learn useful expressions/ language to make a complaint.
It is useful in building confidence in making complaints in person and on the telephone.

Editor’s note
Includes sample dialogue with questions (can also be used as a reading comprehension), matching cards, sammple scenarios, curriculum mapping and teaching notes.

Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
Functional English - speaking, listening & communicating
Functional English reading
Speaking & Listening
ESOL Sc/E3.4d Give an explanation
ESOL Sc/E3.4a Express clearly statements of fact 
ESOL Sc/E2.3d Give an explanation
ESOL Sc/E2.2a make requests: ask for things or action
ESOL Lr/E3.2b Listen for detail face to face or on the phone
ESOL Lr/E2.2a Listen for detail
ESOL Listen and respond
ESOL Speak to communicate
Retail Hospitality Customer service

Fun, hands-on activity that provides practice in both reading and listening to / following instructions. You should end up with a paper hat!
Fully mapped to Entry 2 Functional English (reading; speaking, listening and communication) and the adult literacy curriculum. Page 1 is for reading practice (or for the tutor to read aloud to the students), page 2 can be chopped up and used as a re-ordering exercise.

Entry Level 2
AL Rt/E2.1 Follow main points of short texts
Functional English - speaking, listening & communicating
Functional English reading