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Social Media - AI behind the scenes slides exploring: how many people use social media and the algorithms running behind the scenes; the fact that we are being 'watched' and the concept that 'if you're not paying for the product, then YOU are the product'. Slides also explore DeepMind, Google Autocomplete and the idea that smartphones are making us dumber. 

Level 2
FE L2.2 Follow narratives and lines of argument
FE L2.5 Communicate information/ideas/opinions clearly/effectively with further detail/development if required
FE L2.6 Express opinions and arguments and support them with relevant and persuasive evidence
FE L2.14 Understand how textual features/devices can shape meaning for different audiences/purposes
FE L2.15 Use a range of reference materials & resources (e.g. glossaries, legends/keys) for different purposes e.g. find word meanings
FE L2.18 Follow an argument, identifying different points of view and distinguishing fact from opinion
L2.23 Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and effectively
FE L2.24 Write text of appropriate level of detail and length to meet needs of purpose & audience
FE L2.27 Use language & register (e.g. persuasive techniques, supporting evidence, specialist words) to suit audience & purpose
GCSE Spoken language A8 Listen and respond
GCSE Reading A1 (a) Identify and interpret
GCSE Reading A1 (b) Select and synthesise
GCSE Reading A2 Analyse language & structure
GCSE Writing A5 (a) Use tone, style and register for different forms, purposes & audiences
GCSE Writing A5 (b) Organise information using structural and grammatical features
Electrical, Electronics & Technology
Art Film Media Music TV

Two part session, exploring Paper 2 Question 4 (GCSE English Language AQA).  Slides contain texts with guidance and prompts to upgrade responses.  Part 2 slides has voice over reading of text which can be played whilst in present mode.   Accompanying the slides are Text Sources for learner exploration, highlighting and annotation. 

Editor's notes

Complete, ready made lessons - ideal for assessment and revision. Super choice of texts (one from Caitlin Moran, one an 1890 diary entry from R D Blumenfeld). Marvellous!

GCSE A3 Compare texts