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A challenging set of L1-2 maths questions that celebrate 50 years since the first Moon landing. Covers new reformed content such as compound measures and 3 figure bearings. Plus an introductory PPT with background information and pop up answers.

Editor's note

Fully mapped to the new reformed Functional Maths content.  The answer sheet, which includes detailed working out and marking guidance, is only available to site contributors. Please see details within the resource.


FM Straightforward problem(s) with more than 1 step
FM Complex multi-step problem(s)
FM L1.1 Read, write, order and compare large numbers (up to one million)
L2.2 Carry out calculations with numbers up to one million including strategies to check answers including estimation and approximation
FM E3.14 Use and compare measures of length, capacity, weight and temperature using metric or imperial units to the nearest labelled or unlabelled division
FM L1.20 Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, money and time, in the same system
L1.26 Use angles when describing position and direction, and measure angles in degrees
L2.15 Calculate using compound measures including speed, density and rates of pay
FM L1.29 Find the mean and range of a set of quantities
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