E1-E2 form filling

A good mix of reading and writing resources all focusing on E1-E2 form-filling skills.
Includes: 3 forms to be filled in after reading three short descriptions; a personal form to complete, sentence work, and a matching exercise.
Fully mapped. Written for E1-E2 ESOL but also suitable for (and mapped to) Entry literacy and Functional English.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Wed, 2015-11-18 19:18

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Maggie 18/11/2015

I have recently downloaded this resource – and noticed what looks like a mistake on page 4. The task is to match some personal information on one side to the relevant term on the other, e.g. first name – Jim. However, on the information side, a NI number is given (JM 987645 D), but the term isn’t on the other side and similarly, on the terminology side, there “marital status” but no relevant answer on the personal information side (married/single etc.). I wonder if a line is missing from the PDF? Or Laurence changed his mind halfway through about including either marital status or NI number, and forgot to add/delete the matching answer?

On the upside, my students found the tasks very useful, so thanks for a great resource!