Formal and informal language

Set of 12 sentences to complete. The 12 missing words are 6 pairs of synonyms such as sorry / apologise, need / require, etc. Makes a good starting point for further discussion and/or further speaking and written work.

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Thank you for this resource – I’ve used it a number of times and find it very useful. However, there is a mistake that I always have to tippex before I use it, so maybe it could be corrected? It’s in sentence number 3, which should surely say the kids’ presents.

Hi Alison

I’m sure you are right. I suppose it could conceivably be kid’s but it just doesn’t sound right.
Funny how we would say “my kids” (if we have several children) but probably not “my kid” if we only have one child.

I’m sorry but I am far too busy at the moment to sort out corrections. I’m very aware that Skillsworkshop is rather neglected at the moment. As you know, I run it in my spare time and I won’t be having any of that until the summer break!

However, the good news is that you’re a contributor :)
(Thank you very much for your many contributions) so all you have to do is ask and I can send you the Word version so you can edit it yourself. I’ve just emailed you this.

Thanks again