45 Christmas Maths Questions

Wonderful set of questions aimed at E3-L1 (with some questions slightly lower/higher). There is a good mix of straightforward maths and light-hearted Christmas problem solving – which also makes this ideal for underpinning Functional Maths.
Topics include whole numbers, fractions, data (tallies, averages), money and measures.

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My students really enjoyed this activity. However, we did find a few problems.
The tally chart, question 33 is inaccurate.
Also, having completed other activities involving the 12 days of Christmas, my students rightly noted that the total number of gifts is accumulative, so the total number is 364.
It was good fun answering questions 39 and 40 with this new number.
Nevertheless, we had a great time using this. Thank you Carrie.

Hi Linda,

Many thanks for your comments. I looked up Carrie’s original contribution and must confess that any mistakes in the answer sheet are mine. I created the answer sheet – not Carrie.

Regarding the 12 days of Christmas question the answer is how I interpreted it (i.e. not cumulative) but I agree that this does not then really make sense for the follow on questions 39 and 40.

As an aside if you want a cumulative 12 days of Christmas resource try Tony Jenkin’s 12 Days of Christmas (the answers are presented in a lovely clear tabular format). Heather Harrop also has a twist on this theme in her 12 Days of Christmas starter.

I’ll get a corrected answer sheet on site before next Christmas! In the meantime I’ll send you an editable Word version so you can make your own corrections.

Thanks again and have a lovely Christmas