Alcohol units and decimals

An original idea to engage FS students in decimals. Involves extracting information from tables and adding up decimals. Also useful for catering / hospitality students as it contains an element on responsibility when serving of drinks.
Ideal for embedding Functional Mathematics.
Note: this resource was the inspiration for the Working with Alcohol units (see below).

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OmarionJoyer (not verified)

Thu, 2011-10-20 08:38

It is important for anyone to know his alcohol tolerance if he is drinking. Anyone can fall into excessive drinking by not knowing that his body can’t tolerate it any more. Uncontrolled drinking costs all of us [in the US] $2 per drink, claims the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]. That doesn’t include the cost of the specific drink. Reduced productivity, property and medical damages and the cost of imprisonment are just some of the factors.
More information at Binge drinking costs each of us $2 per drink