Chris Moyles in numbers

A numeracy or Functional Maths worksheet that uses data handling, rounding, days and dates, percentages and fractions related to the Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles.
It is based on The Guardian’s Infomania page in ‘The Guide’.
Also useful as revision material.
Could be used for a discussion on Chris Moyles and musical taste.
Questions are aimed at Level 1 with some at Entry 3 or Level 2.

Physical format
3 pages


MRoper (not verified)

Fri, 2011-09-09 10:30

I was alarmed at the use of bad language at the bottom of the information page – I could not possibly use this for my students. The concept was good though.

Hmm yes it is a bit strong…!

What you could do is go to the original source of the graphic in The Guardian at… as given in the resource. Then print the poster from there and cut off the last part (which is not needed to answer the maths questions).

For less strong language try George’s equally good Harry Potter in numbers resource.

This article is only repeating what Chris Moyles has said in the past! I am sure his popularity is his outspokenness.

I see as one of our roles the all too often need to try and moderate language for appropriateness. If this is picked up by the learners then it is an opportunity to discuss this.

Anything that is in the public domain such as a newspaper carries the risk of being ‘inappropriae’ whether it is The Sun, The Guardian or The Telegraph. However it is always an opportunity to build boundaries and also to listen and discuss what is being spoken by other groups. So I would say try it and listen to the reaction!