Functional Maths and Numeracy Study Guide

This PDF is an amalgamation of methods and worked examples, sorted by topic, for both L1 and L2 Adult Numeracy/Functional Skills (some sections are also suitable for Entry 3). It is not intended as an exhaustive resource, but more of a selection of “hot topics” and exam-friendly examples (some of which are paraphrased from actual past papers).
A table of contents is included at the beginning so specific areas or topics within the document can be printed out to use as revision supplements. The resource is 110 pages so I suggest page ranges are printed out to suit specific student groups.

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110 pages


Shaun has been very modest when describing his resource.

It not only makes a superb revision guide but is also ideal for self-study: many mathematical processes are described in painstaking, step-by-step detail using clear, everyday language. Individual sections also make good handouts at the start of a topic.

Thank you Shaun.