MSS1/E1.6 Describe capacity and use direct comparisons for the capacity of items
(a) understand and use vocabulary related to weight e.g. full, empty, hols more than, holds less than
(a) understand that capacity is a measure of volume (not just how tall or how wide) and that shapes of containers can be deceptive, e.g. broad based and narrow top

I made these files to help my E1 students become familiar with this question format before doing the assignments.

I had found in previous years that though they managed comparatives orally and could eventually make up sentences including them, they were confused by these questions in their assessments.

I hope someone else can find them useful.

Editor’s note
Fully mapped to the Functional Maths coverage and range statements and the E1 process skills. With extension ideas.

Entry Level 1
Functional Maths - measures, shape & space