GCSE A1 (Algebraic notation)

Use and interpret algebraic notation, including: ab in place of a × b; 3y in place of y + y + y and 3 × y; a2 in place of a × a, a3 in place of a × a × a, a2b in place of a × a × b; a/b in place of a ÷ b; coefficients written as fractions rather than decimals; brackets.

This is a handout for Functional Skills L1/L2 which talks about formulas, substitution and BODMAS (BIDMAS).

“Editor’s note*
It includes worked examples from past papers and useful tips and hints. Fully mapped to L2 FM and GCSE Maths 1-5

Level 2
FM Contextualised underpinning
FM L1.7 Follow the order of precedence of operators
FM L2.3 Evaluate expressions & make substitutions in given formulae in words & symbols
FM L2.12 Follow the order of precedence of operators, including indices
GCSE A1 (Algebraic notation)
GCSE A2 (Substitution)
GCSE A3 (Algebraic concepts & vocabulary)
GCSE A4 (Simplify & manipulate algebraic expressions)
GCSE A5 (Use & rearrange formulae)
AN N1/L2.4
Exam tips and help