A resource created for an adult learner to develop confidence in handling and working with money in everyday contexts.

Editor's note

A really functional resource based on a supermarket receipt. Covers many E2 and E3 content descriptors (each question is mapped). If you are a Skillsworkshop resource contributor an answer sheet will be available shortly.

Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
FM Simple one step problem(s)
FM E2.1 Count up to 100 items
FM E2.2 Read, write, order & compare numbers up to 200
FM E2.5 Add & subtract 2-digit numbers
FM E2.22 Extract information from lists, tables, diagrams, bar charts
FM E3.4 Multiply 2-digit numbers by 1- & 2-digit numbers
FM E3.8 Read, write & use decimals up to two decimal places
FM E3.10 Calculate with money using decimal notation & express money correctly in writing in pounds and pence
FM E3.11 Round amounts of money to the nearest £1 or 10p
Catering Food Nutrition
Retail Hospitality Customer service