Writing tasks for E3, L1 and L2 English. 

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Wonderful! Clarissa is thinking of getting a pet. First, read and correct an email she receives from a friend. Then, compose your own email to Clarissa. Finally, finish an article about the pros and cons of pet ownership.

Note: Learners can write their responses on separate blank sheets of paper - or we have a selection of email writing frames available under "See also".

Level 1
Level 2
FE E3.13 Use a range of punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas)
FE L1.19 Use a range of punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, possessive apostrophes)
FE L2.20 Punctuate writing correctly using a wide range of punctuation markers e.g. colons, commas, inverted commas, apostrophes, quotation marks
FE E3.17 Spell correctly words designated for Entry Level 3
FE L1.21 Spell words used most often in work, study and daily life, including specialist words
FE L2.22 Spell words used in work, study & daily life, including a range of specialist words
FE E3.21 Use compound sentences & paragraphs where appropriate
FE E3.20 Use appropriate format & structure inc. appropriate use of headings & bullet points
FE L1.24 Use format, structure & language appropriate for audience & purpose
FE L2.27 Use language & register (e.g. persuasive techniques, supporting evidence, specialist words) to suit audience & purpose
FE E3.19 Write text of appropriate length & level of detail
FE L1.23 Write text of appropriate level of detail & length to meet needs of purpose & audience
FE L2.24 Write text of appropriate level of detail & length to meet needs of purpose & audience
Animals, animal care, farming & equine

Read the extract from 'Are cat cafes good for cats?' and then answer the comprehension questions. When you have finished, complete the writing task.

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Covers many E3-L1 content descriptors including: main points and detail, purpose of text, using punctuation to aid understanding, language features, dictionary/vocabulary work and  distinguishing between fact and option. Ideal for mixed level groups. Each question is mapped to the relevant subject content descriptor. 

Entry Level 3
Level 1
FE E3.9 Identify, understand & extract main points & ideas in/from texts
FE E3.10 Identify different purposes of straightforward texts
FE E3.11 Use strategies to find meaning of words e.g. dictionary, context, word types
FE L1.9 Identify & understand the main points, ideas & details
FE L1.11 Identify meanings in texts & distinguish between fact & opinion
FE L1.12 Recognise that language & other textual features can be varied to suit different audiences & purposes
FE L1.13 Use reference materials & appropriate strategies for a range of purposes, inc. to find word meanings
FE L1.18 Use knowledge of punctuation to aid understanding of texts
FE Writing composition
Animals, animal care, farming & equine
Retail Hospitality Customer service

This is targeted towards learners preparing for the Entry 2 Functional Skills Writing exam.  It uses the Entry 1 Cat Care text created by Emma Gentili (go to "See also"), and can be used in mixed ability classes together with the E1 resource. 

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Love it when skillsworkshop users recycle resources! A great adaptation of the original E1 version :) 

Entry Level 2
FE E2.7 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 2
FE E2.8 Understand the main points in texts
FE E2.9 Understand organisational markers in short, straightforward texts
FE E2.11 Read & understand sentences with more than one clause
FE E2.12 Use illustrations, images & captions to locate information
FE E2.13 Use basic punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question, exclamation marks)
FE E2.14 Form regular plurals
FE E2.15 Use 1st & 2nd letters to sequence words alphabetically
FE E2.17 Communicate information using words & phrases appropriate to audience & purpose
FE E2.19 Write in compound sentences, using common conjunctions to connect clauses
FS English E2.20 Use adjectives and simple linking words
Animals, animal care, farming & equine

A resource for Entry level 1 learners which includes a variety of activities such as reading comprehension and a writing task. 

Editor's note

A really engaging Entry 1 resource. Includes punctuation,  general comprehension questions, alphabetical order and an excellent writing composition task. An answer / mark sheet with detailed curriculum mapping will be available shortly (for resource contributors only).

Entry Level 1
FE E1.8 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 1
FE E1.9 Read simple sentences containing one clause
FE E1.10 Understand a short piece of text on a simple subject
FE E1.11 Punctuate simple sentences with capital letter & full stop
FE 1.14 Write letters of alphabet in sequence & in upper / lower case
FE 1.16 Communicate information in words, phrases & simple sentences
Animals, animal care, farming & equine