A series of Level 2 reading exam practice questions, written in the style of Edexcel, using a short text on the sexist branding of football boots (boots for boys).

Editor's notes

A very useful, topical and thought-provoking text that would also make a good discussion prompt. 14 reading questions covering organisational and language features, vocabulary and synonyms, main points and detail, fact/opinion and recognising informal language. 


Level 2
FE L1.11 Identify meanings in texts & distinguish between fact & opinion
FE L2.11 Identify when main points are sufficient & when specific details are important
FE L2.14 Understand how textual features/devices can shape meaning for different audiences/purposes
FE L2.15 Use a range of reference materials & resources (e.g. glossaries, legends/keys) for different purposes
FE L2.16 Understand organisational features & use to locate relevant information in a range of sources
FE L2.17 Analyse texts, of different levels of complexity, recognising their use of vocabulary and identifying levels of formality and bias
Equality and safeguarding
Sport and fitness

This resource uses several tables of data and requires the user to complete calculations based on the data such as mean, median, mode and range as well as percentages and rounding. There is also a task where the learner must create a chart based on a table of data.

Editor’s note
There is something for everyone in this robust resource as it’s split into three sections: weather, Premier League and Glastonbury Festival. With answers and curriculum mapping.

Level 1
Level 2
Averages and range
Functional Maths - numbers and the number system
Functional Maths - measures, shape & space
Functional Maths - handling information and data
Sport and fitness
Leisure, Hobbies, Travel & Tourism