Exam practice

GCSE English Language Paper Two AQA exam-style texts and questions 1-4. 
Based on a contemporary source from Jay Rayner (2023) and a Victorian article (Henry Mayhew 1865).

Editor's notes
Another excellent GCSE Practice resource from Matthew with, as usual, a super choice of texts.

GCSE Reading AO1a Identify/interpret explicit & implicit information & ideas
GCSE Reading AO1b Select & synthesise evidence from different texts
GCSE English Reading AO2 Explain & analyse language & structure
GCSE Reading AO3 Compare writers’ ideas & perspectives across 2 or more texts
Catering Food Nutrition
Business & Money management

Topics to discuss based on Ascentis ESOL Entry 2 Speaking and Listening exam. Learners work in groups of 3. Each is given a slightly different topic to prepare and discuss, all based around a theme. In this case jobs. They are all expected to demonstrate use of present simple, present continuous, past simple and future tenses, as appropriate.

Entry Level 2
ESOL Speaking (S)