ESOL Ws/L2.1a

Use a range of sentence structure which is fit for purpose
(i) Understand that effective writing often uses a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences, and applying this, as appropriate to the context
(ii) Understand and use a full range of embedded and relative clauses, noun and participle constructions, and conditional clauses
(iii) Understand that simple or compound sentences are often preferable for certain types of writing, e.g. instructions or directions
(iv) Understand that complex sentences have more variety of structure than simple and compound sentences, and that this can make the writing sound more idiomatic and interesting
(v) Use appropriate structures for formal texts, e.g. use of the passive in official documents or reports, third person in factual texts, formulaic language in letters

A reading, writing, listening and discussion task. The topic is skills at risk and the older generation. Comprehension questions focus on the gist. The grammar focus is passive voice verbs. Learners will discuss and write sentences about their skills, and will write about traditional skills that are in danger of dying out.

Level 1
Level 2
General ESOL
ESOL Engage in discussion
ESOL Sc/L1.3a Express statements of fact
ESOL Sc/L1.3b Give factual accounts
ESOL Sc/L2.4b Give factual accounts 
ESOL Lr/L1.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Lr/L2.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Rs/L2.1a Use implicit & explicit grammatical knowledge to help follow meaning and purpose of different texts
ESOL Ws/L2.1a
Catering Food Nutrition
Art Film Media Music Radio TV

This handout describes the basic sentence types as used in the English language. It can be used to introduce or reinforce the concepts.

Editor’s note
This also makes a useful handout / reminder for vocational teachers who are embedding Functional English.

Entry Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
ESOL Ws/L2.1a
ESOL Ws/L1.1a Write using complex sentences
ESOL Ws/E3.1a Write using complex sentences
ESOL Ws/E2.1a Construct simple and compound sentences
ESOL Ws/E1.1a Construct a simple sentence, using basic word order & verb form