ESOL Sc/L1.3e Describe and compare

Sc/L1.3 Express clearly statements of fact, explanations, instructions, accounts and descriptions
Sc/L1.3e Describe and compare

  • Be able to enrich a noun phrase with both pre-modification and post-modification, e.g. participle phrases. Example: Describe people, e.g.: The nicest person in my office is Jane, the manager’s PA. A man wearing dark glasses and trainers ran across the road.
  • Describe and compare comparisons, using regular and irregular comparative forms, including fewer and less. Example: People here drive much faster and with a lot less care than in my country.
  • Incorporate descriptions into various types of discourse, e.g. narrative, personal information, or discussion, and to indicate what is fact and what is opinion. Example: We're taking a short break at a spa. What's that? It's a place where there's a spring of mineral water which is supposed to be good for your health.

Suits ESOL students at Entry 3+.  It creates plenty of scope for  further work e.g.

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ESOL Sc/L1.3e Describe and compare
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