ESOL Sc/L1.3b Give factual accounts

Sc/L1.3: express clearly statements of fact, explanations, instructions, accounts and descriptions
Sc/L1.3b: give factual accounts

  • Carry out a range of functions, using appropriate grammatical forms Examples: (a) Give a definition using defining relative clause, passive with to or for: Barometers are instruments that measure pressure. They are used to measure... They are used for measuring...   (b) Classify using quantifiers: Mangoes are types of fruit. There are many varieties in India. (c) Describe a process using passive: Bread is made from flour. First, the flour is mixed with water and yeast, and then... (d) Generalise, using articles, including zero article, and give examples: Sport is not generally dangerous, but some sports are dangerous, for example motor racing
  • Sequence the above actions coherently in a verbal report, using discourse markers as appropriate.
  • Use a range of fixed and semi-fixed expressions for fronting questions Example: What I want to know is… The most important thing is…
  • Use collocation accurately, e.g. special educational needs…
  • Form questions to check that the listener has understood, and ask for confirmation Example: Is that clear? Are you sure you understand? You do understand, don't you?

(See also Lr/L1.5a.)

A reading, writing, listening and discussion task. The topic is skills at risk and the older generation. Comprehension questions focus on the gist. The grammar focus is passive voice verbs. Learners will discuss and write sentences about their skills, and will write about traditional skills that are in danger of dying out.

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ESOL Engage in discussion
ESOL Sc/L1.3a Express statements of fact
ESOL Sc/L1.3b Give factual accounts
ESOL Sc/L2.4b Give factual accounts 
ESOL Lr/L1.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Lr/L2.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Rs/L2.1a Use implicit & explicit grammatical knowledge to help follow meaning and purpose of different texts
ESOL Ws/L2.1a
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