ESOL Sc/L1.2a Make requests

Sc/L1.2: make requests and ask questions to obtain information in familiar and unfamiliar contexts
Sc/L1.2a: make requests

  • Be able to (a) ask for something (b) ask someone to do something (c) ask permission  - using a range of modal verbs, e.g. could, might and also other expressions, e.g. would you mind explaining?  Example: Would you mind passing me my book? You don't mind asking her, do you?
  • Recognise that with expressions using mind the appropriate way of agreeing to the request is usually no, rather than yes
  • Vary register in different situations and relationships Example: Is it okay if I talk to the boss about it? Would it be possible for me to speak to the Principal? Choose appropriate intonation to indicate, e.g. politeness or assertiveness
  • Make requests indirectly, where appropriate, and introduce a request with a pre-request, particularly when a request is for something difficult to ask for Example: I'm really sorry to bother you, but... I wonder if I could ask you a favour?
  • Use appropriate phrases, including pre-request phrases, when making requests by telephone

Set of 12 sentences to complete. The 12 missing words are 6 pairs of synonyms such as sorry / apologise, need / require, etc. Makes a good starting point for further discussion and/or further speaking and written work.

Entry Level 3
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Level 2
Adult Lit Wt/L2.5 Use formal & informal language appropriate to purpose & audience
Adult Lit Wt/L1.4 Use language suitable for purpose and audience
AL Rw/L2.3 Vocabulary (language features, synonyms, formality)
ESOL Wt/L2.5a
ESOL Wt/L1.4a Choose language suitable for genre, purpose and audience
ESOL Sc/L2.1c Use formal language and register where appropriate
ESOL Sc/L1.2a Make requests
ESOL Sc/E3.2a Use formal language and register when appropriate
ESOL Rw/L2.3a Recognise & understand vocabulary associated with different text types

Information and examples of modal verbs followed by a cloze exercise and sentence writing.

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ESOL Ws/L2.2a
ESOL Ws/L1.1a Write using complex sentences
ESOL Sd/L2.2c Express views, opinions, feelings, wishes
ESOL Sc/L2.3a Make requests
ESOL Sc/L2.2a Respond to criticism & criticise constructively
ESOL Sc/L1.2a Make requests
ESOL Rt/L2.4a Understand and identify how written arguments are structured