ESOL Lr/L2.3a

Respond to detailed or extended questions on a range of topics
(i) Respond to a range of question types, including questions that are not asked directly, but implied
(ii) Recognise the register in a question, and match the register in the response
(iii) Understand that some questions require the responder to address more than one sub-question or to give an extended answer that covers several points
Example: What lay behind your decision to return to teaching after such an apparently successful career in business?
(iv) Construct coherent answers and keep track of the main thread with this type of question, and knowing some discourse markers to do this
To start with...
As regards...
For one thing...
In answer to your second question, ...

*A Yorkshire Yarn is a short documentary series exploring the English language learning experiences of three students at the University of Huddersfield. There are three episodes in the series.*

1 The Tales of a Trainee Tutor

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