ESOL Lr/L1.2a

Listen to an explanation or narrative in a non-interactive context, e.g. on radio or TV
(i) Know that it is possible to extract meaning while listening without necessarily understanding every word, and apply this knowledge in order to listen efficiently
(ii) Recognise fixed expressions, including metaphorical expressions, that may occur in a narrative
(iii) Be aware that explanations, narratives and instructions often follow predictable patterns, and use this understanding to predict content
Example: Note the discourse structure of an anecdote, i.e. establish location and key players, describe events in sequence, and end with 'punch line' or narrator's reaction.
(iv) Notice how intonation can be used to indicate a change of topic, and use this to help to follow the narrative

*A Yorkshire Yarn is a short documentary series exploring the English language learning experiences of three students at the University of Huddersfield. There are three episodes in the series.*

1 The Tales of a Trainee Tutor

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